Tuesday 17 November 2015

Fans vote John Barnwell most attractive footballer.

As football changed during the 1960's, so the image of players changed as well. A new younger fan was being attracted to the game, including females. The Football League Review, a small magazine given away free with match programmes began a feature in 1966 allowing supporters to vote for the player they thought of as being the most attractive. Every week the results were published and it became a badge of honour to receive this accolade. Some fans must have had a sense of humour because even his own mother would not have voted for Tommy Smith, who got the nomination in February 1967.
On the occasion featured here, it was Nottingham Forests John Barnwell who came out on top. Looking back now, John was most proud that there was no sign of his big Reds rival Ian Moore in the list. John was known as a ladies man and recalls how pleased he was with the number of female fans Forest had when he signed from Arsenal in 1964.


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